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suction cups - set of 10

suction cups - set of 10

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For use with easynight and easynight premium fabrics and blinds (but not easynight wide). If you are using these with easynight, you will also need Fabric Fastener strips to stick to the silver side of the fabric so that is will then attach to these suction cups on the window glass.

Strong and reliable, these suction cups can be attached to glass, and are great temporary fixings for any easynight blind.

How it Works

Our suction cups have a 'hooked' finish on the back, which holds easynight and easynight premium blinds. Simply press the suction cups to the window glass, and press your blackout blind against them to fix it in place. You can then remove and replace your blind as and when required.


When pressed to the glass, the suction cups have a diameter of approximately 46mm (4.6cm).

Useful Information

To use, make sure the window glass is completely clean and dry. We suggest using more suction cups along the top edge of the window, as this is where much of the weight will be held. Then use additional suction cups down each side as required to hold the blind close to the window.

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