If you've got questions or comments, we're always happy to hear from you, just use our contact page to get in touch with us. However, there are some things that we get asked frequently, so have a look below and see if your question is answered.

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How does your shipping work?

Orders are shipped Monday to Friday and we aim to dispatch orders within one working day. Orders received from Friday afternoon onwards will be shipped on Monday.

Whilst we aim to dispatch as many orders as possible same-day, orders received after 1pm are likely to be sent the following working day.
We currently only ship to UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, and UK islands apart from Jersey and Guernsey.  Any orders to Jersey and Guernsey addresses will, unfortunately, have to be cancelled - in this case, we suggest ordering from Amazon.co.uk where the vast majority of our products are available.

We dispatch orders on a Tracked 24 or Tracked 48 hour service with Royal Mail - this can be selected at the checkout.
Any delivery preferences or requests can be added in the comments box at the checkout stage, including notes regarding delivery, such as 'leave in shed' etc.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We regret we are unable to ship outside of the UK from our website at this time.  We hope to restore this service soon. For International shipping, many of our products are available on Amazon and eBay, links to each of these shops can be found below: 

eBay (ship internationally using their Global Shipping Programme)

Amazon UK


Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Turkey

Amazon Spain

Amazon Poland

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Sweden

Amazon Germany


Amazon USA


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New Zealand:


I've lost the instructions for my blind, where can I find a copy?

You can download PDF copies of the instructions using these links:

easynight for home

easynight for travel

easynight premium for home

easynight premium for travel


How do I measure my windows?

  1. Measure the whole window recess (from where the window frame meets the wall on each side). Don't forget to take the handles in to account, run your tape measure over the handles in both directions, ie for measuring the height and the width. 
  2. You should then add 4cm to the height and width measurements - this allows enough extra for the fabric to slightly curl against the window recess and block the light from entering at the edges.

My window is an odd shape, can you cut the blind to size for me?

We can only cut blinds to size with square edges (90-degree angles). However, if you need to blackout an unusual shaped window we recommend using our easynight premium fabric - it is very easy to cut at home with sharp scissors. 

  1. Apply uncut easynight premium fabric to the window with your choice of attachment – frame fastener tape, frame fastener strips, 3M™ Command strips, or suction cups.
  2. Next, lightly mark it with a pencil for cutting
  3. You can then take the fabric down and follow the line with sharp scissors*. This way you can be sure of a perfect fit. 

*Don’t forget to leave a 2cm excess of fabric around your blind, this allows the fabric to slightly curl against the window recess and blocks the light from entering at the edges.

I have a bay window, how do I black it out?

To blackout a bay window, we advise covering it with individual blackout panels, usually 3 to 5, depending on the size and design of your window, and personal preference. This also helps to make rolling up the blind and detaching/reattaching it more manageable. 

It is best to match the blackout panels to sections of the window. To measure a bay window for blackout blinds using three panels, measure each section from top to bottom and side to side, including all of the frame. Make sure you run your measuring tape over any protruding handles or catches, and follow the curve of the window.

For best blackout we suggest adding at least 10cm to the height and to the width, so that the blackout panels can overlap - this will help to block light at the edges.
For specific advice about your window, please send us an email with your window dimensions and a photo showing as much of the frame as possible.

Please also tell us what the frame is made of (eg. painted wood or upvc). We always love to help our customers achieve the best blackout, and will reply asap with advice and suggestions.

Which of the measurements is the width, and which is the drop?

Our blackout materials and blinds can be used in either direction - vertically or horizontally.

Why aren't my frame fastener stickers sticking properly?

Occasionally we have customers call and say their frame fastener stickers aren’t adhering effectively on to the window frame. We usually find the problem is due to something on the window frame that prevents them from adhering fully: 

  • Some cleaning products leave a residue behind, so we advise rinsing your window frame with water after cleaning, then allowing the frame to dry completely. 
  • It is important to position the self-adhesive fasteners correctly first time, as removing and replacing them weakens the adhesive. 
  • Once positioned, they need to be pressed firmly in place, and then left for a day if possible before use. 
  • When removing the blackout blind, always be gentle when you separate it from the frame fasteners.

Can I wash my easynight blind?

Provided you haven't applied self-adhesive attachments to our fabrics, they can be washed as delicate, at a low temperature. If applied, any self-adhesive attachments will come off when wet - in this case we suggest wiping the fabric with a damp cloth if required.

When I have completely finished using my easyblind, is the self-adhesive frame fastener tape on the window frame easily removed?

The self-adhesive frame fastener tape can be pulled away from the window frame, (top tip - warm it with a hair dryer first. This heats the adhesive making it easy to remove!)

Depending on how long it has been there, some residue from the adhesive may be left behind. This can be removed using bathroom silicone sealant remover, which you can get from most hardware and DIY shops.

How do I use the magnetic tie backs?

Your blackout blind can be rolled up, or drawn to one side, then the tieback is used to hold it open. When the tieback ends are placed together, one in front of the fabric and one behind, the magnets cling to each other and hold the blind in place.

A single tieback may be enough for a small (100cm x 135cm) blind, but two or more will be required for larger sizes. You can roll your blind diagonally, or roll/fold it up horizontally. For a wide blind, it's useful to have a second person helping you with the other side so it doesn't start unravelling when you go to put the tie backs on.
When rolling the blind up from the bottom, you can gently pull back some of the blind to each side and attach the rolled up blind to the frame fasteners behind. Attaching it here will help take some of the weight of the blind.

Will an easynight blind help regulate temperature in my room too?

In the warmer months, our blackout blinds will help to keep a room cooler by blocking direct sunlight from shining in to the room. However if the window will be in direct hot sunlight for long periods during the day, we recommend the blind is not fully sealed to the window frame all of the time. Instead, leave gaps at the sides and bottom to allow air to flow between the fabric and the glass. This stops too much heat building up between the blackout blind and the window.

Leaving gaps for ventilation will also allow light to enter, so it needs to be done whenever blackout is not required. Our fabrics are all either white or silver on the reverse (facing out of the room) to help with heat and light reflection even without ventilation gaps.

In the cooler months, our easynight blinds have thermal properties that can help keep your home warmer when the temperature drops. Our unique design not only helps block light, but draughts too.

Let sunlight enter your room during the day - this helps warm it up and allows your blind to dry out if condensation made it damp overnight. Then at dusk, or when the sun is no longer shining into your room, roll it down or pop up your easynight blind. Tuck it into the window recess, which will help block light and cold air coming from your window, then draw your curtains for extra insulation and snuggle into bed!