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how it all started

The initial idea for easyblinds came shortly after I had my second child. She struggled to sleep during the day, and a friend suggested using a good blackout blind, so as an experiment I taped black bin liners to her nursery window. This worked a treat, so I quickly made a trip to the local haberdashery shop and bought materials to make a blackout blind that would seal to the frame to cut out all outside light, whilst easy to open and close quickly. It was a game-changer!

My friends asked me to make similar blinds for their babies, and soon I was getting requests from friends of friends, and further afield, and began to wonder if I could make a business of this.

2002 - starting small

So in 2002 I launched easyblinds, with a few ads in parenting magazines and a small website, and initially all sales were mail order. I was determined to be a stay at home Mum, and so the business grew slowly in the initial years, since it had to fit around the children. This meant very long days since I could only really work when not looking after and spending time with the children! Once the children started school I had more time to spend on the business and our growth accelerated.

We have steadily added new products to our range, including the easynight premium - which is our top of the range version - in 2009, and a travel version of the easynight blind in 2011. During this time we've often been copied, but never bettered!

2008 - launch on Amazon

2008 saw us launch on Amazon, which expanded our reach significantly, and sparked overseas interest - we began selling throughout the EU and the USA. We were approached by businesses in Australia and New Zealand who wanted to distribute our blackout blinds there. This has been very successful - and pleasingly each of these businesses is run by a Mum doing the same as I did.

2020 - demand rockets

2020 saw demand rocket as so many people had to stay at home with their children, and blackout blinds helped with getting a better and longer sleep. Our problem was the difficulty in staffing and keeping up with demand!

easyblinds is now a Limited Company, and my title is Director. We have a small, but dedicated team and are continually developing new products, and making improvements to our catalogue. 

We are usually on a steep learning curve in one way or another, and it is hard work, but it has been a good journey, helping people around the world get better sleep.

Audrey Buck - Founder and Director

our values

we are caring

We care about the health and wellbeing of our people and are always considerate of our customers.

Our first product was designed to help our baby sleep, and from this first step we found thousands of other light-sensitive sleepers (and parents with light-sensitive sleepers) desperately looking for an answer.

So from the design of our products and exceptional customer service, to our flexible working environment and consideration of our team, we’re always putting people first.

we are transparent

With the exception of our blinds(!) we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with you. So you can sleep easy knowing that our products are completely free from nasties.

we are innovators

The simplest solutions require the greatest thought, and our ability to understand the challenges of our customers and innovate solutions for them is why we’ve continued to be industry leaders for over 20 years.

we are affordable

Our products are designed for maximum effectiveness whilst remaining accessible to all, ensuring everyone can create the optimum environment for sleep, even on a tight budget.

we are green-minded

We are focused on business practices that work towards a Net Zero future. From the production and composition of our products, to packaging and waste management, we are always looking for ways to be better.