Why a blackout blind is a must-have this spring!

Why a blackout blind is a must-have this spring!

This year the Spring equinox begins on March 20th, so it is just around the corner. This means sunshine (hopefully!), warmer days, Easter and…only 12 weeks until summer! The clocks go forward on the 30th March, so there won’t be any more waking up and coming home in the dark!

For some, sunshine does actually have some downsides, but easyblinds is here to help. We know natural light can actually interrupt what should be a restful sleep, so our specially designed blackout blinds help to counteract this, providing you with the sleep sanctuary you deserve. With no gaps and no cords, our blinds block out the light to give you and the whole family a peaceful night’s rest, and they’re so easy to put up.

So, why are blackout blinds a must-have this spring? 

Help stick to a reasonable sleep routine during the Easter holidays

Our blackout blinds don’t only block out the light to stop unnecessary waking during the night, but they encourage sleep, too! When it’s dark, our body produces a hormone called melatonin to help induce sleep so you’ll fall asleep faster. Read our customer reviews to find out how our blackout blinds have helped to regulate their little ones’ sleep routine - these can be found at the bottom of each product page on our website!

Blackout blinds are especially good for night-workers, parents and anyone who wants to sleep during the day, without having the disturbance of outside light. Perfect if you’re a shift worker that needs to make the most of all the sleep they get, or even for mums and dads that need an extra hour or two during the day to make up for the sleep lost at night!

Safety first

Baby sleeping

Our blackout blinds have no pull cords, so your child will be safe with our blinds in your house. Our easyblackout blind are compatible with our suction cups, Frame Fasteners, VELCRO® Hook Tape, and 3M Command Strips, so you can use them on any window frame in any room! 


You won’t need to worry about the neighbours peering in! Perfect for places like the bedroom. We also have blinds specially designed for doors, these give you maximum privacy anywhere in the house.

Block out streetlights

Across the UK, streetlights are being upgraded to use LED bulbs, this is a great step for carbon emissions and energy efficiency, however these new brighter bulbs may make sleeping a little trickier if they are right outside your window! You can block out these lights with a blackout blind. Remember, the more light there is in your room, the less likely you are to get a decent quality of sleep. Deep, uninterrupted sleep means you will feel more refreshed and healthy.

Rainy day entertainment

Fancy a trip to the cinema? Why not stay in the comfort of your own home and use a projector to project a screen onto your blackout blind?! Our material is up to 270cm wide, which is often hard to find, so you can enjoy the big screen at home – perfect for entertaining the kids this Easter holiday!

You can also use our blackout material to throw over a table and make a blanket fort for the children. Get the torches out, some snacks, line the floor with cushions and a blanket, and then let the fun begin! 

If you get creative with our blackout blinds this Spring, please share some photos with us on our Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see them!

Travel friendly

We often neglect the need for sleep while we are on holiday, but who doesn't want a lie in while they are away! Taking a blackout blind with you can also help maintain your current sleep routines, making it easier to settle in when you get home aswell. Our blackout blinds can help you get the sleep you and your family need, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next holiday adventure.

Our blackout blinds can be put up and taken down whenever you like! We also have a range of portable blinds, so you can sleep well wherever you go! Why not try our award-winning easynight blind? It’s the lightest blind on offer so it’s easier to carry and can fold up really small – perfect if you plan on doing some travelling soon! 

Sound muffling

Our blinds don’t just block out light, they can also reduce noise! Outside noise can sometimes be a problem, but blackout blinds can help. All noise will not be blocked out, but it will muffle the sound to give you a peaceful, light-free environment for a good kip! If that’s not enough, why not try some earplugs? Our favourites are Alpine SleepSoft, as you can still hear your children while wearing them. 

Reduce extreme temperatures

Our blackout blinds keep rooms cooler during summer, and warmer in winter! Our easynight material is silvered on one side for better light and heat reflection, perfect for keeping your room cool during summer months. Our easynight premium material is also suitable for both cold and hot months; the white backing helps to reflect light, and as this material is slightly thicker, it helps to block draughts from your windows. Perfect for all seasons!

All of our blinds have been created with flexibility in mind - they can be cut at home with a sharp pair of scissors, so they can fit even the most unusual shaped windows! They come in a variety of colours and styles, and can be attached to any window with a selection of different accessories. 

If you need help choosing a blackout blind for your window, please get in touch with us! It helps if you can send us photos and preliminary measurements of your window so we can start advising you on the best solution straight away. Email us today on sales@easyblindsonline.co.uk!

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