easynight, the perfect cold weather partner!

easynight, the perfect cold weather partner!

The arrival of autumn brings chilly evenings, less daylight hours, and low sunshine. Our easyblackout fabric is the perfect winter partner as it can help you combat seasonal issues like these. Not only is it great at blocking unwanted light, but its thermal properties will help to keep your home warm too. 

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You can sleep better this winter and keep your bedroom warm with an easynight for home kit. The patented design gives an overlap that means no gaps at the edges, so no light from outside. Where the fabric tucks into the window recess, the thermal properties help to keep warm air in the room, and cool air out! It also has many other useful features:

    • Helps to create a darker and warmer sleep space
    • Roll up and hold in place with a Magnetic Tie Back or remove during the day, to allow sunlight to warm your room
    • Prevent external light sources from disrupting your sleep
    • Easily installed behind your current blind or curtains

    Another problem at this time of year is  low winter sunlight which can cause unwanted glare in your home. This can make it difficult to read or watch television and may even interrupt an afternoon nap! Our easydoor blind is a great solution - it can be put up in minutes, it's easy to roll up and down as required, and the blackout properties of the fabric will help to darken your room.

    • Quick and easy to install with VELCRO® attachments
    • Roll up during the day and hold in place with the included straps
    • Comes in three colours: white, cream or black Increases the privacy of your home
    • Blocks low winter sunlight 

    Top tips for using our blinds!

    Let sunlight enter your room during the day, this helps to warm it up. This is also a great time to allow your blackout blind to dry out if condensation made it damp overnight.

    At dusk, or when the sun is no longer shining into your room, roll down or pop up your easynight blind.

    Tuck your blind into the window recess, this will help block light and cold air coming from your window.

    Draw your curtains for extra insulation and snuggle into bed! 

    Not using your easydoor blind in the evening? Roll it up and pop it at the base of the door to block that draught from breezing around your ankles! 

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