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easydoor fanlight and transom blind

easydoor fanlight and transom blind

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This kit will make covering fanlights and transom windows a breeze. 

Whether you have an arched or a standard window above your door, you can cut this fabric to the exact size and shape you need, then attach it in no time by pressing the fabric against the self-adhesive fasteners that come with it. It's effective and simple, no need for drills, screws or frames.

Easydoor fanlight and transom blinds measure 50 x 90cm and use easyblackout fabric which can be cut to size with sharp scissors if necessary to make a good fit - it will not fray and does not need a hem.

The adhesive we use on our frame fastener stickers is suitable for use with uPVC and painted wooden doors.

Please note that the adhesive, although not permanent, is quite strong and could pull paint or varnish away from wooden doors if the finish is not sound.

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